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Setting Up a Custom Domain

Last updated October 14, 2016
Onehub offers the ability to have your Workspaces be accessible from a custom domain. Account Administrators can add this feature in the Account Settings. When a custom domain is in use, your users will see your website domain in the URL instead of


Enabling a custom domain is something that must be done by a Onehub Support representative, but we need your help with some of the setup. The process is very quick and typically can be completed in 1 day. It requires you to obtain an SSL certificate for your domain so we can encrypt the data in transit, and something called a CNAME that will point your domain to our servers behind the scenes.

Obtaining an SSL Certificate

We can generate what is called a certificate signing request (CSR) for you that will allow you to procure an SSL certificate. SSL certificates can be obtained by many different domain providers online. The company that provides your website hosting may even provide them. There are different kinds of SSL certificates, but you only need the type called a single domain certificate.

To generate a CSR, go to your Custom Domain & White Label Settings to let us know the domain you would like to use as well as the city, state, country, and full name of your company. We'll follow up with the CSR and the information you will need to enter to setup the CNAME.

Note: Submitted domains must be unused (a domain that is not already being used for an active website). While subdomains are not required, they are recommended. An example of a subdomain would be "" instead of "".

Once the SSL certificate has been issued from your domain provider, download it in the Apache format and send it our way. We'll have your custom domain up and running in no time.

Still need help? Contact us directly at (877) 644-7774 or