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Managing Paid and Free Users

Last updated August 09, 2018
Onehub focuses on providing you the most value based on the needs of your team. Depending on the level of access a user has will determine whether or not they are a free user or a paid user.

Free Users

Free users are any user you have invited at the Workspace, Folder, or File level as a Viewer, PrinterDownloader, or Creator. You can invite as many users at this level without them counting against your limit as long as they only have access to one or two Workspaces. Access to three or more makes them paid.

Paid Users

A paid user is:‚Äč
  • Any Account level user - regardless of role
  • Any user invited to a Workspace that has a CollaboratorModerator, or Administrator role
  • Any user that has access to three or more of your Workspaces




A typical setup might be something like:
  • You: Account Administrator
  • Bridget: Account Moderator
  • James: Account Creator

These are your Account Users, and they’re all paid users, which count against your limit. To see your current Account Users, click the Users Tab from the home Workspace listing, and then click on the Account filter on the left.

The other type of paid user is someone with a CollaboratorModerator, or Administrator role who belongs to your Workspaces but not the Account. Users of any role who have access to more than two of your Workspaces are also considered paid. To view the users on a Workspace, just go to the Workspace listing, and click the People icon to bring up a list of users.

Let’s take a look at a typical list of users on a Workspace to see which ones are paid versus free users:
  • Anna: Workspace Administrator
  • Bruce: Workspace Moderator
  • Jack: Workspace Downloader
  • Sarah: Workspace Viewer

Anna and Bruce are the only people in this list who are paid users. Jack and Sarah are both considered free users, and they don’t count against your limit. The total number of paid users for these two examples is five. Any other user, including people with whom you have shared a single file or folder, are all free users.


Q: How do I add new users?
A: You can add new users the same as always. Inviting them to your Workspaces, Folders, or Files. You can also add users to your account to give them access to all of your Workspaces at once by inviting them from the Users tab.

Q: How can I see all of my paid users?
A: The Users Tab gives you a list of all users that can access the Workspaces, Folders, and Files in your account. There is also a section that specifically shows you all of your paid users. These users are denoted by a dollar sign.

Q: When will I be charged for new users?
A: Payment for new paid users will be processed on your next billing date if you are paying monthly.

Q: What happens if I add a paid user in the middle of a month?
A: At the start of the next billing cycle you will be charged a prorated amount based on the amount of time remaining in the billing period during which they were added.

Q: What if I accidentally add a paid user, how long do I have to undo the error before I am billed?
A: You have a 1 hour grace period to remove a new user before you will be billed for that user.

Q: What happens if I add paid users and I am on yearly billing?
A: On yearly billing, payment for new paid users will be processed on a rolling 1 month window. For example: if you add a new user on the 5th of the month and then another on the 22nd of the month, the charge will go through on the 5th of the following month for both users.

Q: What happens if I remove a paid user?
A: If you remove a paid user, you will have an additional user available for the remainder of your current billing period.

Q: What happens if I lower access on a Workspace user from Administrator, Moderator, or Collaborator to a Creator or below?
A: As long as they only have access to at most two of your Workspaces, doing this effectively converts them to a free user and frees up space for an additional paid user for the remainder of your billing period.

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