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What is a Data Room

Last updated November 07, 2018

Virtual Data Rooms are a collection of securely stored files designed to mimic traditional, real-world data rooms via enhanced security, controlled access, restricted sharing, and auditing capabilities. They are commonly used when confidentiality between Workspace users is important. The most popular use cases for virtual data rooms include fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and joint ventures.

Onehub offers a special Data Room mode, complete with unique features allowing you to create data rooms customized to your particular needs. When Data Room mode is enabled, the following pages/features are disabled:

Disabled Pages/Features

  • Dashboard
  • Activity
  • Tasks
  • Commenting

Special Notes



While data room users will continue to generate activity, they will be unable to see any activity generated by another Workspace user. Only Administrators and Moderators can view the activity of all data room users.


The Messages page remains an optional feature in data rooms. Any message posted to a data room can be viewed by all Workspace users. Only Creators and above can post new messages.

Creating a New Data Room

A Data Room can be created either during the Create A Workspace process, or by converting an already exiting Workspace to a Data Room within the Workspace Settings. 

To create a new data room, click "Create a Workspace" at the top right side of the screen. Enter a name for the data room then click the "Data Room" check box, then click "Create". You will be brought into your new data room.

Converting a Workspace to a Data Room

To convert an already existing Workspace into a virtual data room, click on the Settings icon next to the name of the Workspace. 

Then, click Security.

Then, click the box next to Enable Data Room Mode, then click Save.

All of the previously available collaboration features associated with the Workspace have been disabled automatically. 


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