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Restoring Deleted Information

Last updated September 15, 2016
In the case that a file, folder, or Workspace is accidentally deleted, Onehub has the ability to restore deleted information within a 30 day time period.

To restore a deleted file, folder or Workspace, please Open a Support Ticket and let us know as much of the following information as possible:
  • The name of the file, folder, or Workspace
  • The date the item(s) was deleted
  • The user who deleted it
  • Link to the activity report for the file, folder, or Workspace.

Once the information has been restored, any previously invited users will need to be re-invited. 

Please allow up to 24 hours for files to be restored.

Please note: Items deleted via the Onehub Sync Application cannot be restored remotely. If you need to restore an item that was removed by a user using the Onehub Sync Application, please email us at for instructions on how to recover an item deleted using Onehub Sync.

Items deleted by enabling the Automatically Delete option are securely removed and CANNOT be restored by Onehub.

Still need help? Contact us directly at (877) 644-7774 or