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Downloading Files

Last updated October 09, 2019
Note: The downloading content option is only available to users with Downloader or above privileges. If you do not see the "Download" button, contact your administrator or the person who invited you to request access to this feature.

The maximum file size for uploads and downloads is 5 GB. 

There are a few ways you can download content. To download content from the workspace home screen, you can either select the download option to the right of the item you wish to download...


Or, you can select the item (or multiple items) using the check box to the right of the item(s), and then select "Download".

Note: When multiple items are downloaded at once, an "Archive of Files" is created in a .zip file for extraction. This will also appear in the Activity Log as "User Downloaded an Archive of Files" in the corresponding workspace. The items in this archive will only be items this user has been given permission to access. Currently, it's not possible for Onehub Support to provide the list of items in a file archive.


You can also download content from within the item itself while viewing it.


For further information about what features are available, check out our Understanding Roles & Permissions article. Note: Roles and permissions can only be adjusted by an administrator or moderator.


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