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Onehub Sync FAQ/Troubleshooting

Last updated October 10, 2016

Q: I've installed Onehub Sync, but I do not see any workspaces available to sync to my Onehub folder.

A: You may need to have your role or access level adjusted by an administrator. Only AdministratorsModerators, or Collaborators of a workspace can use Onehub Sync to sync files in the workspace. Users who have only been invited to a specific folder or file cannot sync that item.


Q: I've installed Onehub Sync and enabled my workspaces, but where is my Onehub folder?

A: The Onehub folder is located in your Home folder (Mac) or your Documents folder (Windows). You can also go to the folder directly by clicking on the Onehub icon in your menu/task bar and select "Open Onehub Folder."


Q: I see some of my workspaces in my Onehub folder, but not all of them.

A: Check to see if the workspaces you want to see are enabled in your preferences. In the Mac version, you can manage your workspaces by selecting the Onehub icon in your menu bar, select "Preferences," and then select "Workspaces." In the Windows version, select the Onehub icon in the notification area of your task bar, and select "Select Workspaces."

Note: Users on the Team Plan are allowed to sync up to five workspaces. Users on the Business Plan are allowed to sync up to ten workspaces. If you have exceeded this limit, you may not see all of your workspaces in your Onehub folder. You can alternate between your workspaces in sync at any time in the workspace selection option in your sync application.


Q: I have the original version of Onehub, can I use the new Onehub Sync?

A: The new version of Onehub Sync is not compatible with the original version of Onehub. 


Q: My Onehub Sync suddenly stopped working, but other users seem to be able to connect.

A: Make sure you have updated to the new version of Onehub Sync. The original version of Onehub Sync will become inactive if a workspace is synced with the new version of Onehub Sync.



Still having trouble? Send us an email to with a copy of your sync logs and a detailed description and/or a screenshot of what you are experiencing. Sync logs can be found by:

(Mac) Click on your Onehub icon in your menu bar, hold your "option" key, and select "Export Logs", this will generate a file that can be attached to an email for us to investigate.

(Windows) Click on your Onehub icon in your task bar, select "Show Logs". Save both of the logs that will appear and attach them to an email for us to investigate.


Still need help? Contact us directly at (877) 644-7774 or