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What is the Custom Domain Option?

Last updated January 20, 2017

You can elect to enable the "Custom Domain & White Labeling" option from within your "Account" settings. This option allows you to link a domain or subdomain to your Onehub account, and allows you to remove all Onehub branding.

After purchasing a domain (or using an available subdomain), and enabling the feature within your "Account" tab, you can further customize your Onehub account.  To complete the task, you will be sent a CSR or Certificate Signing Request that needs to be used when purchasing and setting up an SSL certificate.

Below is a comparison of what your users will see when signing in to Onehub normally vs. signing in with a Custom Domain.

Standard Onehub sign-in page

Custom Domain sign-in page



Invitations and notifications also have all Onehub branding removed when the "Remove Onehub Branding" feature is enabled.

Standard Invitation with Onehub Logo


Custom Domain Invitation with Onehub branding removed

To find out how to set up your custom domain, please click here.


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