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Uninstalling Onehub Sync

Last updated January 31, 2017

Onehub Sync was discontinued Jan 31st, 2017. If you need assistance uninstalling Onehub Sync, please review the steps below. Please note, we no longer offer support for this application.

What happens to my files when I uninstall Onehub Sync?

Uninstalling the Onehub Sync application will not remove the local copies of documents stored on your computer, and will not affect the files currently stored in your Onehub account on the Onehub website.

Your local files will remain in the Onehub Sync folder (found in the "Home" folder on Mac, or the "My Documents" folder on Windows by default) after uninstalling.

Do not remove the files from the Onehub Sync folder before uninstalling. Removing these files from the Onehub Sync folder after uninstalling Onehub Sync will not affect your items on the Onehub Website.


Onehub Sync for Mac

Onehub Sync can be uninstalled quickly and efficiently with the following steps:

Quit Onehub Sync by choosing "Quit Sync" from the options in the menu in your Menu Bar.

Locate the Onehub Sync application in your Applications folder.

Control + Click or Right-Click Onehub Sync and choose "Move to Trash", or drag Onehub Sync to your Trash icon.

Choose "Empty" from within your Trash application (Note: this will empty ALL items currently in your Trash bin).


Onehub Sync for Windows

For computers running Windows 10, please use the following steps to uninstall Onehub Sync:

Quit Onehub Sync by choosing "Exit Sync" from the options in the menu in your Task Bar.

Locate Onehub Sync in your Start Menu and choose "Uninstall Sync".

Note: For Windows 8, right-clicking the Onehub Sync icon from within your Applications list (found in the Programs folder or in your Start Menu) will provide you with the Uninstall option.


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