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Customizing the Look of Your Account & Workspaces

Last updated September 15, 2016

Your Account and Workspaces can be easily customized to reflect your own branding with your company logo and a color of your choosing.


Uploading a Logo to your Account

From your HOME page, select the ACCOUNT tab, then select the Theme tab in the right navigation area. From here, you can update the entire accounts Logo and Default Color. Clicking on the gear icon, or the paint bucket will allow you upload a logo and change the color. 


Uploading a Logo to a Workspace

When you hover over the logo in your workspace, a gear icon will appear. Click on this for a button to upload a new logo.


Supported image formats for logos include PNG, JPG, and GIF. PNG is recommended if you would like a high quality logo while keeping the background transparent so the workspace color shows through.

Workspace logos are displayed at a maximum of 153 pixels wide by 40 pixels tall. To make sure your logo image displays at the optimal size, be sure to remove any empty space around it before uploading.





Changing the Background Color

The background color of your workspace can be changed by clicking the paint bucket icon in the workspace toolbar. To more precisely match your brand, you can also use the gear icon below the color list to specify background and link colors as hexadecimal values.


Changing the Link Color

Clicking the gear icon under the color picker will allow you to specify a link color (and optionally a background color) manually by specifying it's color in the Hexadecimal Web Color format.

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