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Inviting Users to a Folder or File

Last updated July 03, 2018

You can share individual folders and files just as easily as sharing a workspace. When users are invited to just a folder or file, they will only see the contents of that item and will not have access to the rest of the workspace.

Important Notes: Users invited directly to folders or files cannot see activity or receive New File or Summary email notifications, regardless of role. Only users invited to Workspaces will receive notifications. Users invited directly to folders or files will also not see any workspace tabs such as "Dashboard" or "Messages".

Users invited directly to individual files are unable to use the Edit feature, regardless of role. Users invited to folders at the Creator and above levels will be able to use the Edit feature.

If you are an Administrator or Moderator, you will see a Permissions & Sharing icon when you hover over a folder or file.


Clicking on this will bring up the share dialog for that item where you can enter the email addresses of the users you would like to invite. You can then select the role you would like them to have in the folder or file to determine what permissions they have. Learn more about the different user roles here.

NOTE: It is not possible to invite a user to an individual folder/file at the Administrator level. 

After clicking the Invite button an email invitation will be sent out to each address. Their status in the file or folder will also appear below so you can see if they have accepted the invitation yet. Until they have accepted it, there will be an Invited status button below their email address. Click on this if they are having trouble receiving the email invitation for some additional options on getting the invitation link to them.

When a folder or file has been shared, the share icon next to it will highlight so you know that users have been invited directly to it.

You can return to the Permissions & Sharing dialog at any time to change a user's role, or remove their access to the file or folder. See the Managing User Permissions on Folders and Files article for more information on customizing user access to your folders and files.

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