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Uploading Files

Last updated September 20, 2019

Note: The uploading files option is only available to users with Creators or above privileges. If you do not see the "Upload" button, contact your account administrator to request access to this feature.

The maximum file size for uploads and downloads is 5 GB. 

There are several ways to upload files to Onehub including the Upload button, drag-and-drop files into your browser, or using the FTP Gateway. 


Uploading Files from your Web Browser

Files can be uploaded via a web browser by either clicking the "Upload" button or dragging and dropping the files onto the workspace. The files will begin uploading automatically after they are chosen or dropped on the window.

Drag and drop uploads require a modern web browser. If you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, you'll have to upgrade or install Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to take advantage.

Uploading Folders from your Web Browser

Current versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge support folder uploads. You can upload a folder of information by choosing the Folder option after clicking the Upload button, or by dragging a folder onto the workspace.


Uploading Files via FTP

The Onehub FTP Gateway provides support for securely uploading files and folders with standard FTP clients. FTP allows you to transfer larger files more quickly, and automate certain file management actions. This is often helpful when you are first populating your Workspaces.

Learn more about the FTP Gateway


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