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iPhone FAQ

Last updated February 20, 2018

Does the iPhone app work with the original version of Workspaces?

No. Onehub for iPhone is only compatible with the newest version of Workspaces. If you received a message that "your version of Workspaces is not supported" when attempting to sign in to the iPhone app, then you are still using the original version of Workspaces.

The new version of Workspaces is over five times faster, easier to use and has loads of new features.


I've installed the app and see my workspaces, but it also says "Not Accessible for your Role", why?

The iPhone application will only allow access to items to users with downloader or above privileges. This is because the app must download the items into the application in order to view and interact with them.


What can I upload using the iOS app?

The iOS application supports uploading items from your camera roll and supported file storage applications such as iCloud Drive or Dropbox. 


Can I download files directly to other applications on my iPhone?

You can open your documents within other supported applications on the iPhone. Navigate to the document you wish to view, and select the "..." icon at the bottom of the screen and choose "Open In". This will produce a list of compatible applications the item can be opened in. Tap the app you wish to view the document in.



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