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Watermarking Your Documents

Last updated November 15, 2018

The Business and Enterprise Edition plans allows you to enable a workspace-wide setting that automatically adds watermarks to your documents. This setting can be adjusted in the workspace settings.

Supported File Types

  • PDF 
  • Plain Text
  • Word 
  • Powerpoint 
  • Excel

The formats listed above are automatically watermarked when the feature is enabled. Other file types that we preview including images, videos, and audio files will not be watermarked. Files we don’t support previews for will also not be watermarked.

What Changes

After watermarking is enabled, supported files will display a watermark both on their preview and on the downloaded or printed file. For Creators, and Downloaders, all supported file types will be downloaded as a copy protected, watermarked PDF. Administrators, Moderators, and Collaborators will get the original document when they download it and it will not include the watermark.

The copy protected PDF cannot be edited to remove the watermark, but it can be printed.

What It Looks Like

The watermark will be overlaid diagonally on all pages of the document with the words “CONFIDENTIAL”, and the viewing user’s email address. For guest users accessing the file via a secure link, their IP address will be shown instead of an email address.

Here is an example of a watermarked file:



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