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Last updated January 31, 2019

What is a Onehub mode?

Onehub offers a wide variety of features for businesses of all sizes. Modes allow you to quickly customize Onehub to your needs by choosing a default mode for your account in addition to mode overrides for individual Workspaces. Each mode is loosely tied to a unique Onehub use case and include some unique, mode-specific features. Currently, there are two modes available in Onehub:


Secure File Storage Mode

As the default Onehub mode, this is appropriate for most customers and should be selected when you want to use Onehub primarily to securely store, access, and shares files. Unique features include:

  • Thumbnail View and Default View Setting
  • Default Sort Setting

Data Room Mode

This mode should be used when confidentiality between Workspace users is important. This mode offers the same basic features as Secure File Storage mode, but adds an extra layer of security and anonymity for Workspace users. Unique features include:

  • Automatic Indexing
  • Workspace Export Setting
  • Stealth Users
  • Hidden Activity

For more information on Data Rooms, see our corresponding Data Room Support Article.

Setting the Mode for Your Account

You can access the Default Workspace Mode from your Account > Theme section. New Workspaces will be created set to whichever mode is selected here.

Setting the Mode for a Workspace

You can override the mode for any given Workspace from the Workspace settings.

Workspace Settings

By default, the Workspace mode will be set to match whatever was set as the Default Workspace Mode for your account. Changing the mode from Workspace settings will override the account default only for that Workspace.

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