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Automatic Indexing and Reordering

Last updated June 05, 2019
Complicated directory structures and filenames can be cumbersome to remember or find in a search. Automatic Indexing sequentially adds numerical indexes to every folder and file in your Workspace, creating simple references to complex Workspace structures for easier recall and use in due diligence.

As you upload, delete, and reorder your files, the index will automatically be updated. Only Collaborators and above can reorder the index to ensure security/consistency for due diligence.


Reordering the Index

After enabling Data Room mode and Automatic Indexing, a Reorder button will be available in your Workspace tool bar.  

By default, the Workspace index will be generated sequentially and alphabetically within each folder. You can reorder the index at any time by clicking the Reorder button, dragging and dropping any folder/file to the position you would like it to be in, then clicking Done.

Disabling Automatic Indexing

Automatic Indexing is enabled by default in all Onehub data rooms. If you would prefer to disable Automatic Indexing, you can do so at any time from Workspace settings.

Workspace Settings
In the Mode-Specific section, uncheck Enable Automatic Indexing. The Default Sort option will unlock and switch back to Alphabetical.

Note: Automatic Indexing will also be automatically disabled if you switch a Workspace from Data Room mode to any other mode.

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