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Getting Started

  • Creating a Workspace

    A workspace is a top-level folder where you can store other folders and files. Creating a workspace is a simpl...

    Apr 09, 2019 01:50PM PDT
  • Adding Additional Email Addresses or Changing Your Primary

    You can add alternate email addresses if you expect to be invited at more than one address. Email notification...

    Apr 18, 2019 12:21PM PDT
  • Customizing the Look of Your Account & Workspaces

    Your Account and Workspaces can be easily customized to reflect your own branding with your company logo and a...

    Apr 18, 2019 12:49PM PDT
  • Managing Notifications in Onehub

    Notifications are a way for users to stay informed of new activity happening inside their Onehub account. You ...

    Nov 28, 2018 04:36PM PST
  • Setting Your Profile Photo

    Putting a face to your name is great way to customize your Onehub account. To add a profile photo, click your ...

    Apr 09, 2019 04:49PM PDT
  • Resetting Your Password

    If you have forgotten your Onehub password or need to change it for security purposes, you can do so from the ...

    Nov 19, 2018 04:19PM PST

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