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Uploading and Downloading Files Using FTP

Last updated September 10, 2014

Onehub allows you to access the files stored in your workspaces from standard FTP client applications. This makes it easy to upload complex directory structures to your workspaces.

Onehub requires FTP connections to be encrypted, so be sure to use an FTP client that supports FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS).



To connect you can use an FTP client with the following settings:


Server or Host:

User Name/Password:

Email and password used with Onehub



Protocol and Encryption:

FTP over explicit TLS/SSL*

* The wording for this protocol may vary slightly between FTP clients.


Connection Troubleshooting

If you have a firewall on your computer or network and are having trouble connecting, try opening port 2022 and ports 53451 through 56450. The latter are data connection ports used for file transfers.

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